All Malt Light

Recipe # 06-00

Food Safety Compliance

Made in accordance with the Food Act 1981 (Amendments No. 2:1996), and NZFSA Food Standards Code.
NZFSA Exemption # : CHR-PBUT-5RFSK2

Flavour and odour

Flavour and aroma characteristic of light malt extract free from any foreign or burnt flavours.


Brown viscous liquid


Is often used as a flavouring and colouring ingredient in the production of malt drinks, malted chocolate drinks, biscuits, breakfast cereals, malted bread, beers, baby food, confectionary and candy manufacturing. Malt extract can be used wherever a malt flavour is required. Malt extract has a high nutritional value in terms of protein and carbohydrate.

Chemical / Physical Specifications

Attribute Specification
Total Solids 78.5 minimum
pH (5% solution) 4.7-5.9
Colour (at 80 brix) Max 128

Microbiological Specifications

Organism Specification (cfu/g)
Aerobic Plate Count <10000
Yeast and Mould <100.

Ingredient Declaration

Raw Ingredients Water, Malted Barley

Suitability Data

Suitable for Ova-Lacto Vegetarians Yes, suitable
Suitable for Vegans Yes, suitable
Suitable for Coeliacs No, not suitable
Kosher Certified Yes
Halal Certified No

Genetically Modified Materials

Does this require GM labelling No
If NO, the response is based on: The product does not contain GM materials

Mandatory Allergen / Intolerance Data

Does the product contain……  
Cereals containing gluten Yes
Fish and / or their products No
Crustacea and / or their products No
Milk and / or their products No
Egg and / or their products No
Peanuts and their product No
Tree nuts and or their products No
Sesame seeds and or their products No
Soya beans and or their products No
Sulphites No

Country of Origin

Manufactured in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients


Packaging SKU number
325kg drums 7274
28kg plastic pails 7365
28kg metal pails 7275
1400 pallecon 7276

maltexo_group_productsStorage conditions and shelf life

Packaging Shelf life(unopened)
325kg drums 2 years
28kg plastic pails 6 months
28kg metal pails 2 years
1400 pallecon 6 months

  • Ideally storage conditions are at ambient (below 20c) to prevent colour development.
  • Attach heating prior to transfer and only as long as needed.
  • The extract is sealed to preserve its flavour and sterility. Once the seal has been broken it is recommended to store in cool / refrigerated conditions and use within 2 weeks.
  • Attaching any hoses needs to be an aseptic procedure


Due to our commitment to ongoing improvement of our products this specification may change. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine the product’s own application conditions and its suitability for a specific purpose.