BREWTEC Brewing Grade Malt Extract –Hopped Lager ebu 104-152(80 brix)

Hopped Lager malt extract is made from malted barley and is a brown viscous liquid with a characteristic malt flavour. The extraction process inactivates the diastatic power.


Brewing grade malt extract is intended for use in brewing beer. It can be used as a straight grain malt replacement or, when added to a conventional mash, as a brew extender.

Organoleptic Properties

Flavour and aroma characteristic of a hopped lager malt extract free from any foreign or burnt flavours.

Chemical / Physical Specifications

Attribute Specification
Total Solids (refractometer) 78.5 – 81.5
pH (5% solution) 4.7-5.9
Colour (EBC method at 80 Brix) Max 128
EBU (at 80 Brix) 104-152 nb lower ebu only difference to sku 7367

Microbiological Specifications

Organism Specification (cfu/g)
Aerobic Plate Count <10000
Yeast and Mould <100

products_brewing Storage Conditions and Shelf life

Packaging Shelf life(unopened)
325kg drums 2 years
28kg metal pails – sku 7366 2 years

  • Ideally storage conditions are at ambient (below 20c) to prevent colour development.
  • Attach heating prior to transfer and only as long as needed.
  • The extract is sealed to preserve its flavour and sterility. Once the seal has been broken it is recommended to store in cool / refrigerated conditions and use within 2 weeks.
  • Attaching any hoses needs to be an aseptic procedure.


Due to our commitment to ongoing improvement of our products and services this specification may change. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine the products own application conditions and its suitability for a specific purpose.